In a resource limited landscape, Land is Life prides itself on financial stewardship — doing good does not have to be costly.


Land is Life is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 


Land is Life's work would not be sustainable without dedicated and ongoing support from those who see the value in our work.

Our 2015 Institutional partners

"With very limited resources, the organization has used a powerful global network to make a significant impact on the lives, rights, and environment of many indigenous peoples throughout the world." 

"Focusing on youth participation, climate change advocacy, and food sovereignty, Land Is Life is one of the leading advocates on the global stage for the enhanced voice and engagement of Indigenous Peoples."

"The fact that it is indigenous-founded and -led by some of the most respected leaders within their own communities and at the international level, and that it has a wide, trusted, and global network, makes Land is Life the only organization of its kind."

“Despite their critical role in supporting the indigenous movement, Land Is Life keeps a remarkably low profile, letting the communities they work with take the spotlight and recognition for their struggles and successes.”