"Everyday, the indigenous peoples face the trials of being the most marginalized, the suffering of being oppressed, and the tribulations of being bereft rights to land and self-determination. The IP Day reminds the world of our struggles, and a commemoration for indigenous peoples of our triumphs and the challenges that lie ahead." – Kalipunan ng Mga Katutubong Mamamayan ng Pilipinas (KAMP) 

“The international recognition of the indigenous peoples' rights to asserting our rights to self determination, to land and resources and to FPIC, to cultures and identities. Today is the essential survival of indigenous peoples' culture and solidarity of mobilization to our self determination of development." - Cambodia Indigenous Youth Association (CIYA)

"Indigenous Day is a symbolic event commemorating the victories of the collective struggles of our ancestors in defending our indigenous territories and resources. It also reminds us, as indigenous youth, of our role in continuing these democratic struggles until our right to self-determination is reclaimed for the future generations and in building a democratic society. – Cordillera Youth Center (CYC)

"On the International Day of Indigenous Peoples, the invitation is to honor the memory of our grandparents, to protect the earth and all its biodiversity from every action, based on respect and love, without relenting in the struggle for rights of our First Nations peoples in each territory in which indigenous children play and learn the ancient traditions as an inheritance of generations, the music of the brotherhood of peoples ringing throughout the entire universe to the rhythm of the heart " – Desarrollo Intercultural Social Indígena, Chile