Mobilization for Life March arrives in Quito


by Lindsay Ofrias

On October 16, 2013, more than 100 Amazonian women arrived to Quito, Ecuador after a four-day trek from the rainforest in order to deliver in person their declaration against oil drilling, mining, and logging to the Ecuadorian state authorities. Allies joined them along the way and hundreds more showed their support this afternoon as the group marched into the capital.


Above the sounds of rain, thunder and lightning, the women declared to the crowd that they came to Quito in defense of their livelihoods that are currently under threat in two major oil development projects being pushed forward by President Rafael Correa: of the Yasuni-ITT reserve in the north and with the XI Petroleum Leasing Round in the south. The women demonstrated their opposition against these projects, wishing instead to continue to protect the land and water resources of the Amazon and to guarantee a healthy future for their children.

Ecuador is the only country in the world whose constitution gives inherent rights to nature, but public participation, such as this march, is essential for making sure that these rights are adequately protected. The participating Amazonian women will spend a few days in Quito before heading back to the rainforest in order to make sure their voices are heard by the government officials. 

How can you help?

  1. Sign the petition in support of the Amazonian women and Mobilization for Life march.
  2. Offer financial support to the march here.