CONAIE Update: Delegation of Kichwa Peoples from Otavalo Show Solidarity in Quito

Kichwa Delegates from Otavalo at the CONAIE Offices in Quito

Kichwa Delegates from Otavalo at the CONAIE Offices in Quito

QUITO, ECUADOR -- From February 9th - 13th, the delegates from the Kichwa Peoples of Otavalo and Puruwa, along with the Shuar Peoples of Ecuador's Andean highlands, took their turns to travel to Quito in support of the national leadership of CONAIE.

The indigenous leaders' aim was to participate in political trainings and make their presence felt at CONAIE's headquarters, which has been is still under threat of eviction by Ecuador's federal government since December 2014. The Kichwa delegates from Otavalo, specifically those from the community Mojandita, performed spiritual ceremonies throughout the week.

The Indigenous movement's leaders held meetings with judges and other officials in Quito to deliver new documents, demonstrating the need for CONAIE's current site to remain definitively in the hands of the country's Indigenous peoples.

They also aimed to clarify the legal situation of another house that CONAIE's indigenous leaders occupy during their term in the capital. The leaders of CONAIE, elected Indigenous leaders from around the country, hold office for a period of three years during which they must live in the capital. While they have historically used this house in question as their residence in Quito during their time in office, the government is also threatening to repossess this property.