Whether sitting at a table in Geneva or mobilizing action in the Amazon, there are communities, organizations, and activists in every corner of the world who carry the name of Land is Life.


We work hand in hand with a far-reaching coalition of over thirty grassroots organizations that spans the globe, anchored by trusted relationships over two decades in the making and kept vibrant by constant communication. The world turns and thus our efforts never stop. 

These partners are brothers and sisters, men and women, activists and leaders, elders and youth  together they are a strong, effective, global base that has worked collaboratively to make real gains on the ground for indigenous communities worldwide.

Being a partner in Land is Life means being connected to a wider movement.

Our partners are dedicated to working for the local community while also supporting (and being supported by) indigenous and non-indigenous peers across the world who face common struggles and challenges. In this way, Land is Life becomes much more than just a source for technical assistance, funding, access to international forums, or capacity building. By uniting our voices together under one umbrella, our calls to action are amplified beyond any single community's capacity alone.

To read more about our global coalition and how partners are identified, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions.