Serving Land is Life’s global coalition is an international secretariat strategically headquartered in New York, NY.


As a focal point for communication, the Secretariat serves as a liaison among partners within the coalition and between the coalition and outside public. A lean, nimble team, the Secretariat is also charged with adapting quickly and strategically to realities on the ground in order to best meet the needs of the Land is Life coalition. As Land is Life continues to expand the coalition, it also seeks to expand the presence of the Secretariat in various regions in order to connect and serve partners 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

The Secretariat furthers Land is Life’s mission by:

  • Facilitating regular communications among coalition partners

  • Convening and connecting coalition partners in person

  • Having eyes and ears on the ground to monitor developments in real-time

  • Offering expertise and building capacity of partners

  • Securing financial resources to deploy to partner organizations

  • Responding to requests for support

  • Monitoring the use of any direct community funding

  • Forging strategic partnerships

  • Maintaining relations with international institutions

  • Fostering better understanding among grassroots groups and donors

  • Expanding the reach of the coalition by bringing in new partners


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Casey Box - New York, NY

Casey has been working on Indigenous issues for over a decade. Mr. Box serves as the main point of contact for the Coalition and is responsible for management of the Secretariat. He was detained for his work in West Papua and serves as a Fellow at the Americas Business Council.

EWM Headshot.jpg

Eli Wilkins-Malloy - New York, NY

Eli oversees the programmatic work, liaising with Land is Life's grassroots partners and regional coordinators around the globe. He has worked on a variety of community development projects in Latin America and holds an MPA from NYU Wagner, where he specialized in International Policy. Eli currently serves the coalition as the Program Manager.



Jose proaño - Quito, Ecuador

Jose is one of the most respected anthropologists and activists working on issues in the Amazon and has dedicated 20 years of his life to promoting and defending the human rights of indigenous peoples. In particular relation to his expertise on Peoples Living in Voluntary Isolation, Jose has worked with the UN High Commissioner and written several publications to demand protection of their rights and territories.


Jiten Yumnam - Manipur, India

Jiten is a Meitei of Manipur, India and specializes in international human rights processes, false climate change solutions, and land rights. Mr. Yumnam is currently secretary of the Centre for Research and Advocacy Manipur and has been a part of Land is Life’s coalition for over a decade, formally joining the Land is Life secretariat in April of 2014.